Representative Mike Hager has been elected as the House Republican Majority Leader for the 2015 Legislative Session.


North Carolina’s total state tax collections for the fiscal year ending June 30 are presently running somewhat over $190 million dollars behind what was budgeted when the budget was adopted last year.  Of course, final results will depend on collections between now and June 30, especially those coming in on April 15. Our staff experts tell us that, while unemployment numbers are improving for the state, job growth has not increased to the point to cause wages to increase.  It is an increase in the general level of wages that they believe will eventually cause personal income tax collections to rise.   At this point in time, our legislative staff is suggesting possible growth of 2.2% in revenues for the fiscal year that will begin July 1st.

New Salary Schedules for Teachers

After the budget was adopted last year, lots of charges and claims were made about pay cuts for teachers. I have been assured by our fiscal staff on more than one occasion that no teacher should have received any reduction in pay over the amount they made last school year, including both their base and longevity pay.  Indeed, the assurances given me are that all teachers should have received some raise, though some indeed smaller than others.  Moreover, the new pay scale should insure that longevity pay equivalents are now included in the pay scale and that the percentage raises announced by the legislature are on top of base and longevity pay received for last school year.  The difference is that longevity pay will no longer be paid as a separate, once-a-year payment but will be included in monthly payments.  To put it somewhat differently, the new pay scale is intended to include the old base pay, plus the old longevity pay, plus the raise for the particular step of the pay scale where the individual teacher falls.

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